“Kurus” is a word in Nama, the language of the Khoi, the indigenous people of Africa. Humankind, as far as we know, has its roots and origins in Africa. Our roots lead back to the Khoi and the San. The South African motto is “Unity and Diversity” written in Nama and to have this ancient African name in the Nama language fits perfectly into our concept of language, culture and discovery.

Kurus in English means “creation“ and furthermore, “things made, especially by means of skill or intelligence; out of nothing, only from inside”.

Successful, foreign language learning requires high self-motivation and a strong sense of the learner’s autonomy: although guided and supported by our teachers, essentially language is “created” by the individual “by means of skill and intelligence” and “from the inside”.

Our name combines this ancient Nama word Kurus with English, signifying a bridge to the use of a modern, global language which, indeed, requires no introduction.