Kurus English is a professional English Language School in Cape Town.
Real-life Communication through our Language Excursions.
Our school is situated in a beautiful heritage building.
Small classes guarantee optimal language outcomes.
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Language Excursions

Meet the people of Cape Town

During the out-of-classroom communication classes, called Language Excursions, your teacher becomes your language guide, promoting, encouraging and linking language practice through social, historical and cultural excursions. In the morning classes, we provide authentic and relevant supplementary language materials to inform and prepare you for the Language Excursions in the afternoon.

The Language Excursions take place on three afternoons per week and different daily themes are offered over a period of 12 weeks. The Language Excursions are flexible and co-ordinate with actual events in Cape Town, whenever possible and/or desirable. These excursions give you the unique opportunity of improving your English while meaningfully meeting and encountering the people, the energy and the diversity of Cape Town.

[address / əˈdres / noun]   70 Wale Street,Cape Town 8001,
South Africa

[phone / fəʊn / noun]   +27 21 426 4606

[web / web / noun]   www.kurus-english.com

[email /ˈiːmeɪl/ noun]  info@kurus-english.com

Kurus English CC is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training South Africa (DHET). Registration number: 2018/FE07/027 (Expiry Date: 31.12.2021)