Kurus English is a professional English Language School in Cape Town.
Real-life Communication through our Language Excursions.
Our school is situated in a beautiful heritage building.
Small classes guarantee optimal language outcomes.
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What is Kurus English?

Our Philosophy and Concept


Kurus English is a language school which provides opportunities to its students to become confident, global communicators through our unique approach of teaching English which combines theoretical language classes with experiential learning Language Excursions.


Kurus English is a highly professional English language school in Cape Town, South Africa, which teaches English as a Foreign Language through internationally recognized methods and curricula, as well as provides experiential learning opportunities to achieve faster results for our students to confidently speak the English language.

Everyone at Kurus English is fully committed to delivering unforgettable experiences to our students while bringing the classroom to the world. Through our Language Excursions we provide our students with a broader perspective relating to the culturally diverse world we live and work in, while immersing them in the city of Cape Town and its people. We consistently support our students in becoming global communicators through our unique “language, culture, discovery”- concept.


At Kurus English our programmes and tuition encourage the language learner to become a clear, global communicator: fluent and confident in the communicative use of English for international purposes.

In addition to our classroom-based communication classes, Kurus English offers out-of-school, experiential communication classes. These are language-learning opportunities, promoted through the lens of culture and occasions for language discovery. These outdoor-classes are what we call, Language Excursions, during which your experienced teachers will become your ‘language guides` – assisting and guiding you in your interactions and in your communication.


Kurus English offers these language opportunities in order to provide further out-of-classroom language practice in the form of historical, social, business and cultural Language Excursions. Authentic and informative language texts are provided and taught in preparation prior to these excursions. Language Excursions enter into the very fabric of Cape Town and its society, providing you, not only with opportunities for learning English, but also expanding your cultural competence as an ever more important soft, social skill.


When we are relaxed, engaged and communicating authentically, this is when we learn best. Through language exploration, we meet new people, expand ourselves and experience new worlds. Culturally-diverse and historically-rich, Cape Town and its environs provide many such opportunities – and this is language discovery.

The twin supports of culture and discovery and their relationship to positive language-learning outcomes, combine to form a profoundly effective complement to our core language curriculum aim; that of best communicative competence in English as an international language.

Kurus English unites language, culture and discovery opportunities into a unique and powerful whole-language-learning experience; one which you will never forget!

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[address / əˈdres / noun]   70 Wale Street,Cape Town 8001,
South Africa

[web / web / noun]   www.kurus-english.com

[email /ˈiːmeɪl/ noun]  info@kurus-english.com

Kurus English CC is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training South Africa (DHET). Registration number: 2018/FE07/027 (Expiry Date: 31.12.2021)